Romantically Whimsical Tampa Wedding

From the photographers: As the church doors open, light filled the room. She entered slowly. You could see the tension in Zach’s body as his hands tightened. His lips pursed. Tears slowly began to fill his eyes. As Cassy’s father walked her down the aisle, the moment they had been long waiting for was finally here. The day they made the greatest promise to one another.

The day they promised forever.

Friends and family from all over the world had made their way to be here for this moment. Their moment. As they promised to love and cherish one another. To be each other’s best friends. To forever say “I do”.

To support one another when the days get hard. When the kids have a fever and it’s time to take the third shift soothing them back to sleep. To hold each others hand when a hard day hits. To snuggle little bit harder and a little bit longer. Not because they need to, but because life is short, and one day, we will all wish that we could have those moments back.

To be the husband and wife one another deserves.

This wedding was a surreal one for me. Cassy and I have known each other since we were thirteen. From family vacations to occasional holiday gatherings, we have watched each other grow over the years. From silly girls into loving women. Cassy has one of the purest and most self-less hearts, and knowing that Zach is the man that she has chosen means that he has a life full of love and laughter ahead of him.

Cassy and Zach, my wish for you two is that you always remember your love for one another. That on your hardest days, you look at these photos and see the love and admiration that you to share for one another, and know, that no matter what, your friends and family love you more than anything in the world. That you have a tribe of people loving and supporting you, and that they are all rooting for you. That your potential as a husband and wife is endless. We wish that you are always each other’s best friend, and that when the times get tough, you tackle each obstacle as a team. Because as a team, there is nothing that you two cannot accomplish, and we hope that these images are always a reminder of how incredible your love story is.

xo Shauna and Jordon


Photographer:  Shauna Lynne Photography//Makeup Artist: Ashlee ann on location hair and makeup //Beauty: Ashlee ann on location hair and makeup //DJ: Your Next DJ//Caterer:Hollywood Venue //Event Venue:Hollywood Venue //Event Planner: Lynmar Events and Design

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