Romantic Surprise Waterfront Proposal

Ladies and gents, get ready to smile. This proposal is purely perfect.

Sometimes life is a bit serendipitous.

Back in January, Shauna of Shauna Lynne Photography, hosted a photo shoot giveaway- and it had a ton of entries, but she had a few smart beauties who capitalized on the opportunity and entered multiple times, Marisa is one of those girls. Over the next few weeks, Marisa and Shauna chatted- gushing over style guide’s clothing tips and possible locations for their session. Shauna was so excited- and Marisa was too. In fact- Marisa may have even mentioned that she hoped to someday “use these pictures” *wink wink*. So when Casey happened to reach out to Shauna on her business page, she instantly hoped she knew why. She was right.

Casey wanted to propose to Marisa during their session. Adrenaline ran through Shauna’s entire body when he shared this with her. She was so excited- like Kristen Wig in the Surprise Party skit excited.

Casey and Shauna had every detail discussed to a T, including remembering to act like they weren’t already besties on the day of, which showed her that she might have a fighting chance at winning big in Vegas with her expert level poker-face. They were originally worried of a chance of rain, but decided that the proposal was happening no matter what and had a full blown contingency plan in place. Luckily they didn’t need it. It was a perfect day.

The level of love and emotion through their entire shoot was one of the most heart warming experiences Shauna has ever had. The way that Marisa looked at Casey and the way that Casey catered to Marisa’s needs melted her heart. As they got to the proposal location- Shauna gave Casey the clue. She told Marisa that she needed to take some test shots for the lighting and for them to just “hang out” while she got it right. That was when it all began. You could tell Marisa was having a dream come true by how she joyously asked Casey over and over if he was serious as he got down on his knee. And the look of pride and exultation of Casey’s face was to die for. Jordon and Shauna couldn’t help but look at each other and smile. This was what they had been waiting for.

Its no surprise that Casey and Marisa look absolutely stunning. They’re both gorgeous people, but Shauna’s heart was just so full to experience what kind and loving people they are. The adoration that they have for each other is completely radiant. It’s obvious that their wedding is going to be one of the most incredible acts of love that their friends and family have seen to date.

Photographer:  Shauna Lynne Photography//Event Venue:Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg FL

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